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Spring Peaceful Rest Cemetery is located on East Hardy Road about one mile north of Old Town Spring, Texas, within sight of the Hardy Toll Road. The three and four-tenths acres, partly wooded, is situated on a hill and slopes down toward Spring Creek. Spring Peaceful Rest Cemetery is on land deeded to the community by J. C. Sellers. On July 31, 1923, Sellers put pen to paper and directed that:

      “I, J. C. Seller of the County of Harris State of Texas for and in consideration of the sum

of $1.00 to me  paid by the Colored People of the Town of Spring

in Harris County donated for a Cemetery, or  Graveyard.”

The deed is made out to “The Colored People of Spring Texas” and became known as the “Colored People of Spring Cemetery.”

In 1975 a cemetery committee was organized with volunteers from the community and on October 23, 1975 the name was changed to Spring Peaceful Rest Cemetery. The cemetery committee was formed to maintain and restore the historic site. All burial spots in this cemetery are free with only a donation for upkeep. The organization is no longer active, but the cemetery is now managed and maintained by the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association.  

In the cemetery there are many unmarked graves, and some of the marked graves are indistinguishable, some of the older stones are worn smooth by weather. There are graves of slaves, and veterans from earlier wars including World War I, and World War II.  These old markers, plus handmade markers with names roughed in, illustrates the hardship some of the African-Americans in the community faced. Later monuments are more elegant and ornate than the older ones, reflecting a more prosperous lifestyle. Names of families in the community such as Barnet, Lee, Williams, Franklin, King, Bradie, Mays, Sayles, Holland, Phillips, and Booker are a few examples of long-time Spring citizens buried in Spring Peaceful Rest Cemetery.


In 2012 the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association started the process to get this cemetery designated as Historic Texas Cemetery.  This designation is reserved for cemeteries that are at least 50 years old and documented through the Historic Texas Cemetery designation process to record their historic association and significance. This involved doing a lot of clean up and uncovering grave markers that were overgrown.  We had to take pictures of grave markers and list names and dates, and complete many requirements needed to apply for a historical site designation.  In the Fall of 2015 we  received word that were granted the designation.  Next steps will include getting an official State marker on the property and doing some restoration, using State guidelines.

Cemetery Clean Up Days


Celebrating Peaceful Rest Historical Cemetery Designation

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