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Who We Are

Who We Are

A coalition of churches partnering with residents of the Old Town Spring area to make a positive impact in the community.  Organized in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization to serve the Old Town Spring Heights neighborhood, we are expanding to nearby areas.


OUR MISSION: We initiate community engagement, empowerment and development in the communities of Old Town Spring.

•  We ENGAGE people with the love of Christ

•  We EMPOWER people to learn, lead and improve their community

•  We DEVELOP safe, beautiful relationships and environments

OUR VISION: We envision spiritual and social transformation of the Old Town Spring area where there is vibrant shared spirituality and in which its citizens have developed leadership responsibility for the historical preservation of the community and for continued improvements in social conditions, safe environment, healthy standards of living and educational opportunities for its residents.


What We Do

Making A Difference in the Spring Community

Community Engagement

2017-10-07 11.04.48.jpg

• Community-wide events  with food, games, music, and free community services
•  Monthly Community Worship Services held at churches of differing denominations, culture, and ethnicity
•  Pastor Swap Sundays between churches
•  Health Fair, Blood Drive, Dental Clinics
•  Establish relationships between churches and residents
•  Street Captains distribute newsletters and connect with their neighbors
•  Young people work to transform the community through others.

Community Empowerment


•  OTSH community sign gives residents a sense of  communal identity.

•  Community Learning Center that benefits both children and adults in the community

• Leadership Training opportunities for organization members and community leaders.

Community Development


•  Home repair and minor renovation for residents
•  Yard of the Month Program.
• Installed Street lights in the community.
•  Community Beautification/Heavy Trash Pick Up
•  Work with Harris County to improve infrastructure.
•  Address community safety concerns including tree removals, street safety signs, monitoring illegal dumping...
•  Work with the Sheriff’s Department to increase patrols,  reducing drug trafficking and providing a safer neighborhood.

What We Do

Contact Us

Mail:  Old Town Spring Heights Community Association

           P.O. Box 1147 - Spring TX 77383-1147

Contact Us
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